Too reach Skycave, get to the main entrance in the castle. Nina will lose all of her AP for sure, so make her the healer once she does, and then have Sten use bomb if learned for a while and then just have them both heal. Talk to Jean Go east and open up all the treasure chests.

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He opens a dojo. Keep going until you come upon these little chain deals. I also had a weak party which lead to one hit deaths. House west of Great Tree Job: Before you leave, head down the stairs, where Jeans jail cell used to be. You have to defeat every single monster in her belly. Also, make sure you rest, so Ryu gains AP.

Posted by 4 hours ago. Now go back up to where Tata is. It is all fuzzy and weird looking. Stay along the western route and then grab the treasure chest. Enter the room eastwards and then walk onto the traveling device thing.

Drgn All Deals thunder damage G. Eventually, both will fall to the ground. Progress through and ride the little lifts to the middle path.

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Go to kitchen washroom Depending on which one you choose you will get one of three benefits. Head back to the cave looking place and then enter it. Both spells are very useful but I would recommend teaching Cure 2 or Renew to Nina if you plan on using her because she has a lot of MP. It takes several days for him to finish the statue. His transformation is wickedly awesome All of the villiagers do not know you, you are

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